Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz

Dear Beacon Community,

The Fundraising Committee extends its sincere thanks to everyone who supported One Beacon in Harmony: A Fundraising Concert for Our Shared Future.

Besides our beloved students, alumni, faculty, and co-parent Mr. Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz who captivated us with their talents and incredible performances at the event, we are grateful to all our sponsors, donors, and guests whose presence added immeasurable value to the evening last Saturday, November 18. 

Our tickets were sold out through individual purchases and donations, and together, we created an atmosphere of warmth and community that truly made the event special. 

One Beacon in Harmony Audience

We also offer our thanks and congratulations to House Molave for the extra energy and push that enabled them to win for the most number of concert tickets sold. We hope you enjoy your pizza treat!

We hope that everyone relished the musical spectacle, the wonderful company, and the overall Beacon experience. Our shared belief in the mission of One Beacon inspires us to continue working to make a difference. We look forward to updating you on the progress and impact of our fundraising initiative.

Thank you and hope to see you again soon.

One Beacon Fundraising Committee


Piano + violin duet