Application Process

The Beacon School seeks to enroll a broad range of children who will benefit from the approaches to learning which the school offers. Admission of children to The Beacon School is based on a clear set of guidelines, with the intention of ensuring that each child who is admitted is placed in an environment in which the child may experience success:


Students admitted to Beacon will be placed in classes according to their age by the end of August of the academic year. Please see Age-Grade Level Placement Information for details.

Age-Grade Level Placement Information
(as of Aug31)
Grade Level in Beacon School Grade Level Equivalent in National Systems
PH (Local Schools; K-12) U.S. / Canada U.K.
4 yrs old IB PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (PYP) Pre-K Pre School or K1 Pre School or Nursery Reception
5 yrs old Kindergarten Kinder or K2 Kindergarten Year 1
6 yrs old Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Year 2
7 yrs old Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Year 3
8 yrs old Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Year 4
9 yrs old Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Year 5
10 yrs old Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Year 6
11 yrs old IB MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME (MYP) Grade 6 Grade 6 Grade 6 Year 7
12 yrs old Grade 7 Grade 7 Grade 7 Year 8
13 yrs old Grade 8 Grade 8 Grade 8 Year 9
14 yrs old Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Year 10
15 yrs old Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade 10 Year 11
16 yrs old IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME (DP) Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Year 12
17 yrs old Grade 12 Grade 12 Grade 12 Year 13


For any school year, places will be offered from Pre K to Grade 8, subject to available space. Class size is limited to 16 students for Pre K to Grade 3, 17 students for Grades 4 – 5 and 20 students for Grades 6 to 8.


As a school with a philosophy of inclusion, additional services are available to students whose needs can be met by our team of reading and learning support specialists. Limits are placed on the number of English Language learners and students with diverse needs within any one section. Additionally, the school seeks to provide opportunities to extend to students who excel.


Once grade level sections are filled, prospective students who otherwise meet Beacon’s admissions requirements will be placed on a waitlist. They will have the opportunity to sit in once an opening arises, subject to Admissions Guidelines.


New students are typically admitted at the beginning of each school term. However, in the first six weeks of the school year, depending on availability, prospective students may be accepted with a view towards an immediate start. The school is open to accepting students throughout the school year, should the need be to do so, such as for students from families who have recently moved to Manila.


During the school year, admissions will be accepted up until the beginning of the Third Term for placement during that school year.


Decisions made by the Admissions Committee on acceptance for enrolment, and grade level placement, are final.

Procedures for Admissions and Re-Enrolment

Applications for prospective students who are seeking admission will be reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to Admissions Guidelines.

Parents, and small groups of prospective parents along with students, are welcome to visit The Beacon School and receive an introductory tour. You are encouraged to contact the school in advance so that an appointment may be made. During the tour, we will provide you an overview of the admissions process and with information about the school to help you assess whether Beacon is the right school for your child. A packet of application forms will also be given to you during the tour.

To formalize your child’s application to The Beacon School, please complete and submit the application forms and required documents found in the admissions packet to the Admissions Office. Should the required documents be in a language other than English please provide a certified true copy in English. These documents can also be downloaded from our website. An Application Fee of Php 2500 is payable with the submission of all completed documents.

After a review of all application materials, and if there is an available slot in the grade level which your child would enter, the prospective student will be invited to come to school for a “sit-in” pre-entry visit. This visit will take place at the level applied for unless the Admissions Committee determines that the visit should be at an alternative grade level. The duration will be the length of the school day at that level.

The sit-in is a requirement for admissions and will help the Admissions Committee determine whether there is a good fit between the applicant and the school’s program and, in cases when the child has special needs, if the school has the resources necessary to support the child to succeed.

All applicants will have an interview with the Guidance Counselor. Students applying for Grades 4-8 will be tested in Math and English, and write an essay to establish academic readiness. This will be completed on paper as opposed to electronically. These students will complete these assessments during the sit-in visit.

In some cases, following the sit-in visit, an interview is arranged with the parent(s) of the prospective student together with the grade level coordinator and the Head of School.

Once the prospective student has had a sit-in visit, interview and has been tested (if appropriate), the application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, and a space may be offered.

Offers for the following school year will generally be made by early March. Should ample space be available at a grade level, then earlier offers may be made.

Decisions made by the Admissions Committee on acceptance for enrolment, and grade level placement, are final.
Once a place is offered, the reservation fee is payable by the date indicated in the letter of offer, in order to secure the place.

The Beacon School is committed to support each individual student’s success, and their ability to contribute to the success of others. Provided that an existing student remains in “good standing”, then the student will be able to retain a place for each succeeding school year.“Good standing” refers to both academic proficiency and behavior in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct.
For returning students, the Returning Students Fee must be paid by the date advised by the Board of Trustees. Payment of the reservation fee guarantees a space for your child(ren) for the following academic year.

Application Requirement Checklist

Application Form

Student Language Form

School Recommendation Form (GC)

School Recommendation Form (HRT)

Parent Questionnaire

Tuition, Fees, Deposits


The Beacon School Scholarship Programme

Each year, The Beacon School considers applicants to a scholarship program that will cover tuition costs for Grades 6, 7 and 8.

1. Academic Merit

The candidate must demonstrate academic ability and, more importantly, an ability for critical and creative thought. The candidate must be able to express herself/himself orally, and in writing. The candidate must display intellectual curiosity, and a wide range of interests and abilities. 

Below are some ways a candidate can demonstrate academic merit:

  • Above average ACER (OPI) scores (tests in Math and English; given in school) or in the CAT4 assessments
  • School records which indicate the candidate’s excellent academic performance in his/her current school.
  • Ability to think creatively and critically, solve problems, etc.
  • Ability to write an essay on an assigned topic. This would be done at The Beacon School, at the time of testing.
  • In addition, a recommendation from the teacher at the current school who spends most time with the candidate is required.

2. Financial Need

The family of the candidate needs to demonstrate need for financial assistance, but must be able to show ability to meet other financial responsibilities associated with having a child at school. Candidate’s parents will need to submit:

  • Current Income Tax Return
  • Completed Beacon School Scholarship Application Form

3. Potential Contribution to The Beacon School Community

The candidate must demonstrate an ability to take on a leadership role at Beacon. The candidate must display evidence of responsible citizenship. This may include involvement in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, the arts etc.

For more information, please email us at [email protected].