About Us

About The Beacon School

In 2001, Beacon was founded by educators and other professionals, all lifelong-learners and dedicated parents, inspired to build a K to 8 school for their own children. They created The Beacon School to engage students in a rigorous and progressive programme of study, while nurturing them within a close-knit community. They envisioned a school that would cultivate leaders for the 21st century.

The Beacon School motto is Veritas et Lumen – the Truth and the Light – the fundamental principles that guide the educational philosophy and practice of the school.

Our Vision

Beacon strives to foster a learning community that will inspire its students to be lifelong learners and agents of change who are guided by compassion and integrity.

Our Mission

The Beacon School provides students with a global education that is both rigorous and balanced, that nurtures and inspires them toward their individual potential. The learning community encourages students to integrate a deep appreciation for Filipino culture with a respect for diversity, understanding the complexity of our world. They are challenged to become independent thinkers, confident communicators, and engaged citizens committed to act in service of society.

The Beacon Story

We started with a vision 22 years ago, to bring about a change that would help shape a better Philippines. We saw rich possibilities in today’s children; they can be the agents of change. Thus was born the Beacon School, now a thriving and sustainable institution.

A school that would help shape our country’s future by fostering a love and ability to learn in children who in turn would give back to society now and in the future.

A school that would develop an effective blueprint for progressive education and share it with all other schools across the country.

We believe that together, we can transform our nation.

Beacon strives to deliver a different type of education.

Its methods are predicated on values that we feel are crucial to national development –

Of honesty and integrity, tolerance, critical and imaginative thought.

Beacon’s Milestones