“What people love about Beacon School and Beacon Academy is our small, tight-knit community. That makes it easy for us to get comfortable and to make friends with people, which is why those who have trouble fitting in at other schools, they come to Beacon.

I think parents love having their kids at Beacon because that smallness fosters confidence. I love that about the school because when I find myself in unfamiliar situations, I am not that shy. At Beacon, I can confidently be myself.

The culture is very welcoming. Beacon is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) from the very start. I think it is the only IB preschool, and IB has helped make me more confident in approaching other topics that I have never heard of. I have learned how to approach topics that are multidisciplinary and how to connect things together.”

– Andrea L.

“I entered Beacon School a bit late. I started in Grade 6, and I came from a traditional school. I transferred because of the scholarship opportunities the school provided which was important for our family.

What I loved about Beacon School was the curriculum. It helps you look at different perspectives and teaches you the skills to navigate through difficult areas. In my old school, we had three days to accomplish our homework. At Beacon, we had two weeks. In my old school, we learn stuff through mostly memorization. At Beacon School, even when you have your notes open, you won’t be able to complete the task properly if you don’t pay attention in class because in class we were taught the skills to accomplish these tasks and that’s not something you can just memorize.”

– Yancy T.

“I’ve been with Beacon since 2009. What I really love about Beacon is that it focuses on the education of the whole, the whole human being. We weren’t limited to just tests – we had writing assignments and design assignments. I think we were really prepared for various things, especially in high school where I think a lot of what we learned in Beacon School is still being applied.

I think that having a community at Beacon that is so tight-knit is really wonderful because you know everyone. You can interact with people in grades lower than you. It still feels comfortable rather than awkward, unlike in other schools where people know only their batch. The teacher-to-student ratio is good – there are only 15 students in a class – so not only are we able to communicate with our classmates but people from other batches too. We can also communicate with our teachers with ease because they are not overwhelmed with too many students to worry about.

If you are looking for a supportive community, Beacon Academy carries on what Beacon School has so if you want a continuation of that Beacon kindness, Beacon Academy is a really good place to go.”

– Patricia M.

“I came from an all-girls school and entered Beacon School at 4th grade. I think Beacon School and its IB curriculum have helped me a lot in becoming a better student. You learn to care about learning. I have a sister who liked being in a traditional school, but she told us she didn’t feel academically challenged enough whereas the Beacon School alumni I know who went to an international high school, are so smart there.

Here at Beacon Academy, most of the after-school clubs are student-led. Students take the initiative. It’s still monitored by a teacher, but they don’t do that much. And our campus is so beautiful. These past few days, the weather has been so beautiful. You can see the bright blue sky.”

– Athena V.

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