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Although The Beacon School does not rely on standardized test results to narrowly define student success, it is nonetheless proud that its students consistently outperform those from other like schools globally when measured by the International Schools’ Assessment. Beacon graduates, who have benefited from an international education, thrive in prestigious high schools and colleges both in the Philippines and abroad.

More than attaining academic achievement, Beacon students are expected to become engaged citizens who value diversity of thought, respect different beliefs, and are committed to fairness and justice. Dedicated to community development, they initiate service projects and respond to those in need. Beacon students balance academics with a range of co-curricular activities, including sports, the arts, publications and student government.

Hello, everyone! I am Emee Dy an alumnus who graduated from Beacon School in 2014. I studied Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing with minors in Sociology and Asian Studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.

I was in Beacon for over 10 years and made the greatest friends that I know I will treasure for a lifetime. In this picture, I am with Nikki Huang, my best friend since PYP.


What stood out to me during my experience as a student at The Beacon School was the similarity in the way of thinking between myself, my peers, and the staff. Whether we had spent years at the institution or were new to the community, the core principles that Beacon preaches were consistently implemented by everyone. We all actively engaged in the 12 learner principles, confident that we were in a safe space to experiment, stretch, and learn. Eventually, I formed strong bonds with several teachers who I am in frequent contact with even to this day.


What stood out to me most when I was a student at The Beacon School were the identity and values cultured throughout the Beacon School family, including both staff and students alike. Even at a young age, it was apparent that Beacon was envisioned as haven for keeping the youth connected to traditional Filipino values while encouraging innovation and open mindedness to learn and accomplish feats beneficial for the growth of both individual and the community.


The person I am today was molded by the three (far too short) years at Beacon. I grew up a bit of an oddball- homeschooled throughout elementary, the onus was on me as a student to learn the various subjects, with only books to serve as a teacher. Stepping into Beacon for the first time knocked the wind out of me. Classes were a whirlwind of engagement, active back-and-forths between my classmates and my teachers. My ability to learn was amplified tenfold in that environment, catapulted forward in this educational flywheel. Our teachers were brilliant educators, supportive guides, and even good friends.


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